Michael is a well-established author of thought leadership articles in online publications such as Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global on topics such as purpose-driven leadership, company culture, social impact, and employee engagement and retention. He also shares his facilities management expertise in case studies, industry publications, and workshops.

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Michael’s blog is home to a library of posts sharing his personal story and offering his expertise for young leaders and entrepreneurs.


Broken to Better: The Blueprint to Longevity

When building a company, we often miss a crucial detail: how our personal well-being weaves directly into the company’s culture. 

Before launching Branded Group, I wrestled with physical…


Broken to Better: Unlock Company Culture & Create Brand Champions

During my professional journey, I was often considered just another replaceable piece of the corporate machine. Despite outperforming my peers and driving new business, my yearly reviews rarely reflected my…


Broken to Better: Pivotal Moments in Organizational Growth

As you’re building your business, you live the start-up life. Your early hires are all part of one big team; everyone gets together to ensure everything gets done…


Broken to Better: How to Hire the Right Way

When my business partner Kiira Belonzi and I first started hiring employees for Branded Group, we looked for experience matches. Did they work in facilities management? Something with easily transferable…


Thought Leadership

Branded Group CEO Michael Kurland is an industry thought leader, contributing to a variety of notable and respected publications. Take a look at his most recent articles and speaking engagements.

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The Empathy Evolution: Why A Culture Of Caring Is Essential In Business Today

#BeBetter Podcasts

To Michael Kurland, Be Better is more than a tagline for the company he founded, it’s a culture that permeates his organization, propelling the team to Be Better to each other, their clients and their communities as well as to themselves. Each week on the #BeBetter podcast, Michael interviews leaders who authentically exemplify how they are being better in their professional and personal lives.






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