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To Michael Kurland, Be Better is more than a tagline for the company he founded, it’s a culture that permeates his organization, propelling the team to Be Better to each other, their customers and their communities as well as to themselves. Each week on the #BeBetter podcast, Michael interviews leaders who authentically exemplify how they are being better in their professional and personal lives.

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Season Five

Robin Sargent portrait

“The industry really is going more towards creating cultures of learning.”

—Dr. Robin Sargent

IDOL Courses

65. How to create a culture of learning with Dr. Robin Sargent

Vikram Malhotra portrait

“Great CEOs are servant leaders – humble, authentic and are great listeners.”

—Vikram Malhotra

McKinsey & Company

64. How CEOs Can Create a “Wow Factor” in Their Organization with Vikram Malhotra

Kian Gohar portrait

“I’m a mission-driven person. As a result, I want to combine my skills as an entrepreneur and develop businesses that tackle global challenges.”

—Kian Gohar


63. How Organizations Can Thrive in a World of Disruption with Kian Gohar

Katie McCleary portrait

“Every day, we deal with five distinct generations of people, and each generation has a different background, view, and language. As a result, such factors are impacting communication and relationships.”

—Katie McCleary

916 Ink

62. How to Bridge the Generational Gap Through Active Listening with Katie McCleary

Susan Brady portrait

“My goal as a leader, whether directly or indirectly, is for you to remember me as someone who helps you feel good about yourself.”

—Susan Brady

The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

61. Leadership Begins By Knowing Yourself with Susan Brady

Ryan Jenkins and Steven van Cohen portraits

“Loneliness is similar to hunger; it is a biological indication that you need to eat, and loneliness is a biological cue that you need to connect.” – Steven Cohen

—Ryan Jenkins


“Loneliness is not the absence of people necessarily, but it’s the absence of connection.” – Ryan Jenkins

—Steven van Cohen


60. How to create cultures of collaboration and connection with Ryan Jenkins and Steven Van Cohen

Christel Tarare portrait

“I’ve always been mindful of ensuring that my team has a sense of purpose, that they are experts in their fields, and that they have the autonomy to run their business.”

—Christel Tarare

Gartner Conferences

59. Building a Team That Has Passion and Purpose with Christel Tarare

Mike McFall portrait

“It is not about what you can do and don’t, it’s about analyzing yourself and knowing your strengths and weaknesses and determining where you can help the business to become successful.”

—Mike McFall


58. How Leaders Can Help Their Teams Build a Life They Love with Mike McFall

Season Four

Simon Mainwaring portrait

“You have agency for impact through every lens through which you’re showing up in the world.”

—Simon Mainwaring

We First

57. How to Lead Collaboratively with Simon Mainwaring

Mike Horne portrait

“The greatest purpose of life is becoming the person you are.”

—Mike Horne

56. How to Live and Work Authentically with Mike Horne

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