August 23, 2023

Branded Group CEO Michael Kurland Nominated for Innovator of the Year Award

Michael Kurland, CEO of Branded Group, has been nominated for the 2023 Innovator of the Year Award by the Orange County Business Journal. This prestigious award is given to individuals who are leading the way in terms of innovation in Orange County, California. The award recognizes not only groundbreaking ideas but also new processes, products, services, and business models that have the potential to change the game for the better.

“It is an honor to be nominated alongside such an esteemed group of leaders in Orange County who are committed to innovation in a dynamic business environment,” Kurland said. “Being a national facility management company, we will continue our efforts to deliver exceptional service through our BeBetter experience.”

Kurland and his team at Branded Group are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the Orange County community. They work with local nonprofits to identify the most pressing needs in the area and strive to make a lasting difference. This dedication to giving back to the community is a testament to Branded Group’s core values and a reflection of their commitment to making the world a better place. Through their efforts, Kurland and his team are setting an example for businesses to follow and inspiring others to make a difference in their own communities.

Apart from its core values, Branded Group’s vision of creating a conscious business has set the company apart from its competitors. The company’s commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community is evident in its philanthropic efforts. Branded Group has partnered with several organizations to support various causes, including homelessness, education, and environmental sustainability.

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About Michael Kurland
As an author and award-winning CEO, Michael is committed to leading with purpose, giving back to his community, and championing a healthy lifestyle. Michael co-founded Branded Group in 2014 and has led its year-over-year exponential growth and cultural transformation. His clear vision to #BeBetter has resulted in thriving social impact programs, long-lasting client and partner relationships, and innovative facility management programs that drive client satisfaction. Learn more about his book, Broken to Better, 13 Ways Not to Fail at Leadership and Life, at

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