As an award-winning CEO and author, Michael Kurland is a trendsetter in purpose-driven leadership. Michael is frequently called upon to consult with organization to share his strategies and methodologies that will enable them to lead diverse organizations with empathy and align purpose with profit.

Michael’s consulting projects include senior management strategy sessions or one-on-one meetings with senior leaders. His innovative thinking on securing new clients, workforce development, and making a social impact are easily implemented at organizations that want to create and sustain an agile workforce.

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Michael Kurland speaking to a group of business professionals.


Michael Kurland is a sought-after speaker at industry events and appearing on popular podcasts, sharing his insights about purpose-driven leadership.

HIs informative presentations, rooted in his book, Broken to Better: 13 Ways Not to Fail at Leadership and Life provide audiences with a wealth of knowledge and best practices on company culture, workforce development, and social impact.

Audience members leave with actionable next steps they can implement immediately to be successful in transforming their organizations to BeBetter for their clients, partners, and community.

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