Season Five

Alexandra Kurland portrait

“I always knew if I could get in front of someone, I was 98% sure I was going to close that deal.”

—Alexandra Kurland

Alexandra On the Go LLC

71. Navigating Your Career Through Mentorship and Clarity with Alexandra Kurland

Dallin Cooper portrait

“Good leadership is secretly just ethics.”

—Dallin Cooper

Author, Speaker, Consultant

70. Learning the Secret of Great Leadership with Dallin Cooper

Deepa Purushothaman portrait

“You’re worthy of being you.”

—Deepa Purushothaman


69. Finding Personal and Professional Fulfillment with Deepa Purushothaman

Michael Walsh portrait

“The role of a corporation is to create value for all stakeholders.”

—Michael Walsh


68. Create a Culture of Empathy That Benefits All Stakeholders with Michael Walsh

DeLinda Forsythe portrait

“Our people were different because our leadership strategies were different.”

—DeLinda Forsythe

Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE)

67. How to Build a Lasting Company Culture That Transcends the Ordinary with DeLinda Forsythe

Jake Thompson portrait

“I knew what the feeling had been like to give in, to fear, to discomfort, to not go after something because you were afraid you were going to fail or what people might say.”


—Jake Thompson

Compete Every Day

65. How to compete every day and live a purpose-filled life with Jake Thompson

Robin Sargent portrait

“The industry really is going more towards creating cultures of learning.”

—Dr. Robin Sargent

IDOL Courses

65. How to create a culture of learning with Dr. Robin Sargent

Vikram Malhotra portrait

“Great CEOs are servant leaders – humble, authentic and are great listeners.”

—Vikram Malhotra

McKinsey & Company

64. How CEOs Can Create a “Wow Factor” in Their Organization with Vikram Malhotra

Kian Gohar portrait

“I’m a mission-driven person. As a result, I want to combine my skills as an entrepreneur and develop businesses that tackle global challenges.”

—Kian Gohar


63. How Organizations Can Thrive in a World of Disruption with Kian Gohar

Katie McCleary portrait

“Every day, we deal with five distinct generations of people, and each generation has a different background, view, and language. As a result, such factors are impacting communication and relationships.”

—Katie McCleary

916 Ink

62. How to Bridge the Generational Gap Through Active Listening with Katie McCleary

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