September 12, 2023

Broken to Better: The Blueprint to Longevity

When building a company, we often miss a crucial detail: how our personal well-being weaves directly into the company’s culture. 

Before launching Branded Group, I wrestled with physical challenges, poor habits, and a lack of motivation. Add losing my full-time job, and I was in rough shape. 

I knew the first step to launching a company and becoming a leader was my own transformation. 

To build a better business that emphasizes empathy and longevity, you need to also focus on personal growth and commitment to company wellness.

1. Make wellness your foundation

Using my own wellness journey as inspiration, I knew my team couldn’t pour from an empty cup. To build a thriving company, we also needed to ensure that we prioritize our team’s well-being. 

We consistently and openly talk about Branded Group’s wellness focus. We provide our team with resources in our monthly newsletter, including things like:

  • The latest meditation apps
  • Journaling tips
  • Healthy recipes

We also incorporate wellness into our give-back initiatives, ensuring there are physical components to keep everyone active. For example, we’ve held multiple 5k events and have built and restored homes for Habitat for Humanity.

By integrating wellness into the core of Branded Group, with initiatives ranging from holistic programs to resource-rich events, we’ve built a culture where well-being isn’t an afterthought but the very essence of our operations. Our employees and our business are better for it.

2. Embrace a culture of empathy

Back in my days working in the industrial cleaning equipment industry, I eagerly walked into a performance review, my hopes high. I had hit my sales goal that year and expected a sizable raise to recognize my hard work. Instead, I was met with excuse after excuse. 

I didn’t just lose out on a raise that day, but also faith in my place within the company. I felt like I was just a number. That day, I realized that money was the only thing the company valued, so when employees felt like they weren’t getting enough, they left.

So, from day one, my business partner Kiira Belonzi and I sought to build a company that valued its employees.

Organizations that neglect empathy and don’t value their employees face higher turnover rates and associated costs: time, money, and lost trust. On the other hand, businesses that champion empathy see a surge in productivity and morale.

When employees are treated with genuine concern, it paves the way for trust and open communication. They feel integral to the company’s mission and are more collaborative. With empathy at the core, businesses don’t just grow; they thrive, grounded by the powerful human connections they foster.

3. Build a culture authentic to you

Culture isn’t built overnight. It evolves. Branded Group’s culture is special because it’s uniquely ours. We didn’t just follow a set plan. Sure, we got help from our PR firm to craft our mission and values, but the real magic came from our team’s input. Now, our team has ownership over these values and has real skin in the game when it comes to upholding them.

Our culture even extends beyond our walls. In pitches, instead of sticking to routine presentations, we highlight our culture, vision, and commitment to making a difference. This unique pitch stands out, and it’s won us new clients. It’s our testament to the power of authenticity.

Even as you read this blog (and the more in-depth book it’s pulled from, Broken to Better: 13 Ways Not to Fail at Life and Leadership), don’t try to lift these ideas right from the pages. Learn the techniques and the reasons behind them and adapt them into a strategy that’s uniquely yours.

The route to longevity in business isn’t paved with metrics and milestones. It’s paved with a genuine focus on wellness, empathy, and authenticity.

Need some guidance to start and grow your business? Check out my consulting services and learn how to Be Better.

This piece is based on a chapter of Broken to Better: 13 Ways Not to Fail at Life and Leadership. The book is dedicated to business leaders who are seeking to Be Better in their company for their employees, clients and communities. Download/purchase the full book, here.

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